We are Unify.org and we've been organizing Global Meditations, Prayers, and Social Actions since 2012.

We've organized over 40 campaigns on Earth Day, Peace Day, World Water Day, Women's Day, and more; in thousands of cities around the world. 

With everything happening in the Amazon, 
we've decided to create a campaign to save the rainforest and protect it for generations to come.

The conditions that led to these fires must NEVER happen again.   
Donate now to save and defend the rain forest with us.
$10 defends  
8 acres,  
7,000 trees, 
100,000 animals  
$40 defends 
32 acres, 
28,000 trees, 
400,000 animals.
$80 defends 
64 acres, 
56,000 trees, 
800,000 animals! 
Non-profit  partners 
who are we? 
UNIFY the World is a 501c3 non-profit organization specializing in bringing communities together for global synchronized days of social action. We were founded in 2012 and have organized campaigns that have inspired events in over 30,000 locations in 115 countries.  You can learn more about us on Guidestar or on our website at www.unify.org 

Non-Profit Tax ID: 46-3739506